Snow Riders of the American Indian Nations Riding across the snow and part of the land
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Billy Kidd

1964, he became the first American male to win an Olympic medal in Alpine skiing. NVF board member and captain of the newly formed Native American Olympic Ski Team. Started a Ute Future Olympians Program in Steamboat. He became ski director at Steamboat Springs, CO, did television commentating, helped coach the U. S. team, and wrote two instructional books on the sport
John Perkins

Keynote Speech to the World Bank
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Founded non-profit organization,
Dream Change Coalition. (website)
Businessman, environmental philosopher and author. His books include:
Spirit of the Shuar, Shapeshifting, Psychonavigation, The Stress-Free Habit and the NY Times bestseller CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN (nominated for the prestigious Quill Award. (website)

Joseph Bruchac


Abenaki Author, Storyteller, Musician and Guide

His Website

Interview with Joseph Bruchac

Fred Wiseman


Author of "The Voice of Dawn". Trained as an archaeologist/ecologist, he was principal Research Scientist at MIT's Center for Materials Research in Archaeology and Ethnology and author of scholarly publications on Maya and Paleo-Indian paleoethnobiology. Now devoted to Abenaki culture and history, he teaches at Johnson State College and is an Abenaki Tribal Council member and director of the Abenaki Tribal Museum and Cultural Center in Vermont.

Frank Longtoe ( 1871-1949) was "The Masked Marvel," a well dressed Pocket Billiards Player, who always wore a mask and was never photographed without his mask. The masked Marvel accepted all challenges including Ralph Greenleaf. In 1931, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, features him as "The Best Player in the World," winning 1500 out of 1512 games over a 3 years period. The masked marvel was known to keep company with Kid Sheehan.  Frank "Kid" Sheehan (1885-1952) was a Bantam weight Prizefighter. His boxed in 409 bouts from 1900-1925, winning many if not most of his fights in Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Nova Scotia and Quebec, often accepting matches as a way to visit his Abenaki relatives.  Robert Tessier (1933-1990) served as a Paratrooper in the Korean War earning a Silver Star and Purple Heart. Making his film debut in 1967 in movie "Glory Stompers," he was well known throughout his career, as a burly villain with a shaved head and scowl. Robert Tessier quite often played Native American characters role on both television and Film. Some of the movies he is remembered for are: "The Deep," "The Last of the Mohegans",, "The Times" with Charles Bronson, The longest Yard with Burt Reynolds. He was as talented an Actor as a Stunt Man and even founded a Stunt Troupe.


Cowasuck Traditional Council of the
Abenaki Nation

   Chief Nancy Lyons (in blue) of the Vt Koasak Abenaki at April meeting with Governor James Douglas (center) with L-R, Vt legal advisor Susanne Young, VT Olympic skier Suzy Chaffee, Mark Mitchell, Vt Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and Olympian Rick Chaffee. "It felt like we got the Governor up to speed with how other states comply with federal laws in recognizing their tribal artists to bolster Vermont's Cultural Tourism, its No. 1 draw," said the Chaffees.

    Vermont's Chief Nancy Lyons of the Koasek Abenaki Nation, was ....     READ MORE >>>

Abenaki Hold Week of Nawihla Celebrations

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